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Today, consumers expect sustainability and social responsibility. Millions of consumers are willing to pay more for organic products and green cleaning supplies. Blue bins are everywhere and over 89% of consumers recycle. Yet, given the state of automotive technology consumers still emit millions of metric tons of CO2 when they drive. Now, GreenPrint enables fuel retailers, c-stores, and large oil companies to offer reduced emissions fuel programs. We created these clean driving, reduced emissions fuel programs to provide a value added service to help differentiate your product, build goodwill, gain market share and trade customers up at the pump. In fact, 96% of drivers we polled said they’d buy carbon neutral gasoline and most expect to pay more for it. 73% would switch retail gas brands to buy it and 80% would make a left hand turn across an intersection to buy it. Best of all, it’s easy to implement. There are no supply chain disruptions nor software integration at the pump.

How it Works

We provide collateral to market the program at the pump, on premises, and online. Then, for every gallon of gasoline you sell we invest proportionality in a certified carbon offset project neutralizing the carbon emissions that will be emitted as your customers drive. In fact, with a goal of having a positive impact vs. simply a neutral one, we invest in more carbon offsets than will be emitted. Further, through a network of over 200 local non-profit partners in every major MSA in the country, we invest additional amounts in local greenscapes and tree planting projects. Thus, if you sell a gallon of gas in Chicago, Denver or Atlanta we’ll plant a tree in Chicago, Denver or Atlanta.

All of this is supported by a network of local volunteers who not only plant the trees, but who become brand advocates and ambassadors for our clients. Lastly, we provide real-time audited reporting showing details on the carbon emissions, offsets purchased and retired, projects invested in, along with analytics measuring your station(s) increased sales by fuel grade over time and market share analysis.

While powerful, our solution truly is simple, easy, and local.


  • Build goodwill through social responsibility
  • Increase Volume Sales
  • Preempt regulatory pressure
  • Reduce consumer price sensitivity
  • Create a competitive differentiator


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More than 4,200 locations are already seeing increased fuel sales, consumer goodwill and loyalty, and a more engaged community and staff.

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