Fleet Solutions

Fleet Solutions with ZERO carbon neutral gasoline provides corporate and municipal fleet owners with a turn key, low-cost, and robust solution enabling your fleet to be carbon neutral. Now, practicing sustainability & social responsibility is easier and less expensive than ever before. We help small vehicles fleets, large van lines, and corporate and municipal fleets alike deliver valuable messaging, goodwill, and demonstrates forward thinking mindset to their stakeholders and customers. While our clients invest in cleaner burning fuel technologies, mileage efficient vehicles, and alternative technology vehicles to reduce costs and promote sustainability, Fleet Solutions with Clean Advantage™ bolsters these efforts and enables you to go the last mile and make your fleet carbon neutral today.

How it Works

We measure your fleet’s carbon footprint, consult with you on best emission reduction practices, and invest in high quality certified offset projects counterbalancing your environmental impact. Further, we invest additional amounts in local tree planting and greenscape projects. Separately, we provide collateral, messaging, and grassroots marketing support to promote your sustainability efforts and build goodwill. Follow the lead of some leading fortune 500 companies such as Google, UPS, Microsoft, Walmart, and FedEx who have undertaken similar carbon offset projects and fleet sustainability programs. Contact us to learn more.


  • Promote social responsibility to consumers
  • Build goodwill among employees
  • Turn your vehicles into mobile billboards
  • Create a competitive differentiator
  • Preempt regulatory pressure
  • Plant trees and invest in renewable energy


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