Scot Crawford

Chief Financial Officer

Scot Crawford is an operational and process oriented financial executive with 10 years of experience in technology and start-up businesses. He has a unique ability to analyze, innovate and lead companies into reaching financial goals. As the CFO at GreenPrint, Scot brings visibility, focus and direction to the financial aspects of the business.
After graduating from Augusta State University, Scot built his career by mastering a variety of different roles in the financial sector including analysis, accounting and operations. His career has shaped him to be a forward, innovative thinker with a superior ability to overcome financial hurdles.
Prior to GreenPrint, Scot was Chief Financial Officer at m2M Strategies, a marketing technology company, where he played a significant role in engineering the merger with GetOne Rewards.  He was able to successfully develop multi-year financial models for budgeting and forecasting purposes and re-engineer financial accounts.