Amanda Kardosh

Business Development Director

Amanda Kardosh specializes in Climate Change, encouraging a low-carbon economy. She believes it is essential to mobilize, engage and involve companies for managing and reducing GHG emissions, managing climate risks, and exploring opportunities towards a transition to a new sustainable development framework.

With a strong academic record, Amanda has recently earned a master’s degree in Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida and completed the Climate Leadership Program from Cambridge University in England. She holds another master’s degree in Sustainability from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Pontifical Catholic University in Brazil.

Throughout her career, Amanda has focused on the transportation sector, climate change and sustainable strategy. In 2010 she received the challenge of managing the sustainability area of the largest Brazilian company in fleet management. Among its main functions she was responsible for the education and training of workforce to promote sustainable solutions and to provide long-term behavioral changes. Also, she was ahead in developing the first methodology in the world dealing specifically with generation of carbon credit in the transportation segment, approved by Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

Since 2011, Amanda has attended the United Nations Climate Conferences, including the COP21, when she witnessed the historic Paris Agreement, charting a fundamentally new course in the two-decade-old global climate effort.